Starry Night Quest – Ragnarok Mobile – Eternal Love

It’s Ragnarok Mobile’s official launch day! I wanted to really be ahead in terms of level, and I figured that the best way to do it is to complete quests. Simple leaving your character on auto-grind will not result to substantial experience points — but completing quests will. Not to mention that you can also get some cool items from the NPCs.

Somewhere along the way, I encountered this quest called Starry Night – it says “Go to the west gate and find a painting of sunset near the wall.” It took me an hour to find it! But to help you fellow gamers who wanted to really spped up theor leveling through quest rewards, I will be sharing its exact location to you.

I tried running alongside the wall first, and I had to turn on the camera just to be able to toggle the camera angle. But all it did was hide the painting even more. Turns out that it was actually just in the entrance of the gazebo area. And it didn’t really look like a painting of the sunset, it was more of an autumn scenery. The quest name was also a bit misleading, I was expecting a Van Gogh style of painting. Or maybe I over-analyzed.

Just be careful though, upon finding the painting, you’ll find yourself surrounded by Evil Monsters… and they’ll keep on coming, until Ambrose appears out of nowhere to save your ass from these evil creatures. But it’s not really that hard.

I hope this helped! Happy gaming! 🙂