All About Pets – Ragnarok Mobile – Eternal Love

How to revive your pet

One day while I was playing, I realized that I do not have my pet anymore. The icon is shown above, but when I check my pet’s details, it says that my pet died and that I need to revive him. I’ve been searching online how to do this — but there isn’t so much info available on this.

Pets can die in battle — when you turn combat mode on. But don’t fret, because reviving them is easy. Just put them back to rest mode and then hatch it back again. Everything should return back to normal.

Send your pets to an adventure

This should be the first thing you learn how to do once you have a pet. Adventures typically last for 1 hour and will earn you a lot of items, not to mention that you will gain intimacy with your pet.


To do this, just open your Pet Adventure Guide

…choose an adventure for your pet and choose a pet to send.

 Some adventures will need two pets to start. You earn a rare item when you meet any of the criteria specified on the adventure. E.g. if you send pets from the Fish tribe or pets you have at least level 5 intimacy with to the Underwater Temple adventure, you will earn 2 rare items.


You can set your pet to an adventure as long as you have enough Adventure Meatballs (picture below) to spend. A typical solo-pet adventures cost 5 adventure meatballs.

Send your pets to work

Sending your pets to work is the very reason why some players level up easy. You can earn an item every hour or lessdepending on the level of intimacy you have with your pet. The higher the intimacy you have with the pet you are sending to work, the more frequent you’ll get items. And there is a big chance you’ll get Large (L) and M (Medium) BASE experience potions and JOB experience potions which will make leveling up a bit faster.


To do this, just open your Labor Travelling Machine

choose the job you are qualified to send pets to and select a pet for the job.


Unlike sending your pet to an adventure, this doesn’t increase intimacy with your pet. And this isn’t something that ends for an hour — you can make your pet work for life — but that also means you cannot increase your intimacy with that pet so you can earn items more frequently.

You should see how long it will take your pet to earn you an item and what criteria you need to fulfill to become qualified to send pets to other jobs.

Happy gaming! I hope this helped.