Moon Night Legend – Ragnarok Mobile – Eternal Love

Clearing the minstrel quests in Prontera, Izlude, Geffen, and Morroc were all straightforward. But once you’re in Payon, you’ll encounter a quest called Moon Night Legend, where the Minstrel asks you for a Normal Precision stone.

There are two ways to acquire this.

Buy from the Exchange

Talk to the Big Cat Man Exchange Clerk. Search for the name of the item and if someone is selling it, it should appear in the results. The bigger the supply is, the more likely that the price will go down. At 999+ supply, it costs 91,000 zeny.

Craft Your Own

The second way is to craft your own, but only if you are a blacksmith. Blacksmiths are the only ones who can make these precision stones. You just need to add skill points to Magic Rock Refining. But wait, there’s more. You need to add not just one, but FIVE skill points to this skill if you want to craft a single Normal Precision stone.

Is it worth it to craft your own precision stone?

If you are crafting this stones only for this sole quest — no. As a blacksmith, you would need to add at least 5 skill points to Magic Rock Refining before you can craft a Normal Precision stone. If you intend to sell it, then go ahead, but as I see it, there are already hundreds available in the Exchange and selling more will just make prices go down.

Not to mention that you need the following items to craft 1 normal precision stone:

  1. Topaz x1
  2. Gold Sand x1
  3. Black Magic Ore x1
  4. Magic Gear Fuel x3

I am building a battle merchant and in my greediness to sell precision stones for this quest, I added 1 skill point to Magic Stone Refining, only to find out that I would need to add 4 more skills points to profit.

I hope this helped. Happy gaming!